Where to Put the Jack When Changing a Tire?

Many times we face a situation where our car’s tire fails and we have to change it. The situation becomes worse when there is no mechanic near us and we have to change it by ourselves. For many people changing the tire is a very tough situation and this is because they don’t know

  • Where to put the jack when changing a tire
  • How to change the tire?
  • How to use car jacks?
  • Where to put the jack and jack stands?

In this post, I will teach you everything that you will need to change your punctured or failed tire and where to put the jack when changing a tire.

In the situation when you have to change your tires, the first thing that you know is how to find the car jack and the spare tire. In most of cars, the spare tire and jacks are present inside the trunk. Now next thing that can bother you is where is the trunk. The trunk is beneath the luggage area at the back of your car. Once you have found the jack and spare tire, Now you have to use them. The type of car jack that you mostly get with your car is a scissor jack.

The next confusion that can hit your mind that where we have to put the jack when changing the tire. So You have to see your cars manual to exactly find the jack points in your car. But most commonly The cars have jacking points just behind the front wheel and just before the rear wheels.

The position of Various Jacking Points on a Car

Generally in all cars, the jack points are located

  • Just Behind the front wheels And
  • Just before the rear wheels

You can easily see the jack points in the image given below:

You have to put your jacks at the jacking points in order to protect your car body from any damage. If you put your jacks randomly anywhere then it will definitely damage your car and it will cost you a lot.

How to Jack Up a Car? Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Parking at Safe Place

If you are on a road or street then find a place where there is little traffic and a flat solid surface.

If you are on a highway, if possible take an exit and park your car at solid leveled surface. If it is not possible to take the exit then move you’re at right shoulder as much as possible so that you can keep yourself away as far as possible from the traffic.

It is highly recommended to park your car on a flat leveled and solid surface.

Step 2: Securing your car

Make your engine off and put the car in the park position by applying parking brakes. Try to find something like bricks, a large stone or rock, piece of wood and place it under the car to block your tires. It is more appropriate if you have wheel chocks. Always place the wheel chocks (bricks, wood pieces, or rock) at the tires which is opposite to the corner you are going to jack up. 

  • If you jack up the left front then place the wheel chocks at the right Rear and
  • If you are jacking up the right front then place the wheel chocks at the left rear.

Step 3: Find Your Jack and Jacking Points

Mostly the jacks are located in the trunk of the car. The trunk is generally present beneath the cargo area of the car at back. Take out jacks and make sure it functions properly. Now find out the jacking points on your car. If you don’t know the exact jacking points in your car then please see your car’s manual.

If you do not have your car’s manual in that case you can download it from the internet.

Step 4: Positioning Jack in the Correct Position

After knowing the jacking points, place the jack at the jack points where you want to raise the car. Before lifting your car, it is advised to loosen the lug nuts of your car’s tires that you want to change.

Step 5: Raise the Jack to Lift the Car

Now Operate the lever of the car jack (scissor jack) to raise the car and lift it to the desired level so that the tires are above the ground. Now take out the tires and place the new spare tire and tighten the bolts partially ( not fully).

Step 6: Lower Down the Car

After tightening the nuts partially, lower the car and take out the jack. Now tighten the nuts of the tires completely. Always tighten the nuts of the tires diagonally.

For a better understanding of how to jack up a car during a tire change watch the video given below:


In this post, we have discussed where to put the jack when changing tires. We have told you how to find the jacking points of your car to lift car. You have also learned how to jack up the car step by step. If you found this piece of information useful then don’t forget to like and share it.

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