How to Identify Jack Points on a Car?

If you have a car, you will have to repair it on your own at some point in time as we cannot rely on the mechanic always. When we think of maintaining our car, we would need to lift it from the ground. For example, while changing the tire, the vehicle must be lifted from the ground by some centimeters. This is neither an easy task nor a safe task but taking proper steps will ensure the task is done safely without the help of any mechanic.

One of the main things you need to consider while jacking the car is identifying the jack points precisely and accurately, which is one of the toughest tasks. Most of people don’t know how to identify jack points on a car. To lift your car safely off the ground you must have one of the best carjacks in your car’s trunk. After reading this article you will get a fair idea of locating the jack points.

How to Identify Jack Points on a Car?

What is Jack and its Uses?

Car jacks are defined as devices which are used to raise the vehicle off the ground so that we can get underneath the vehicle and do the repair work easily. There are a variety of uses of car jacks other than to change the tires. The car jacks are necessary to carry the minor modifications and repairings, checking the braking system and undercarriage of the car. The car jacks used with jack stands can easily raise and hold the vehicle off the ground so that the repair can be done easily and safely.

What is jack and its uses

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What are Jack Points?

A jack point is a point on the car under which the jack must be placed to ensure the safe lifting of the car from the ground to a height. Various locations underneath a car are safer to place the jack, but there are six of them which are the safest as they are designed for jacking purposes.

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Why are Jack Points Important?

It is extremely important to precisely identify these jack points as poorly placing the car jack can lead to severe damage to vehicles and in some cases, the car may slip and can cause injuries.

We should have a close look at the owner’s manual to locate the jack points approved by the manufacturers. These are points underneath the vehicle that are specifically designed in such a way that they may be strong enough to support the entire weight of the car while it is being lifted off the ground.

How to Identify Jack Points?

These can be easily located even by beginners and will bump against the car jack while being used by you. The six safest points will be listed as follows:

The general position of Jack Point on a Car

1. At a Point Near the Front and Rear Wheel:

The most ideal jack point, if you want to jack the car for changing the tires, is near the front or rear wheels. In this case, the pressure will be concentrated on the wheel which makes it easier to replace the tires of your car. This will not be lifting the whole car at once while using this jack point. This concentrates usually on a single area and then moving to other areas which will make this easier. This jack point will also help prevent slipping.

2. At a Point on the Rear Differential:

This is the safest of all the jack points as this balances the entire weight of the car. This jacking point is used while replacing the bushings or leaf springs. While you modify the height of the car or chassis, the best option is to use this as the jack point. Using this as a jack point will ensure that you get the required space to easily work underneath that area.

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3. At a point on both of the body sides:

This is commonly not used as this is a little dangerous option and the car may slip while jacking. It might also cause damages to the car’s body if not properly used. It will prove useful while you are assessing the damages beneath the car. For doing this, you need to lift the vehicle from either side and not from the front or rear of the vehicle. In this way, you are assured that the pressure gets transferred from the car to the other side and the vehicle will still be supporting its weight.

4. At the Point on the Rear Crossmember:

This will be used as a jack point for supporting the back of the car. The jack point must be used along with the front car support as there will be difficulty in balancing the car only with the jack. This point can be used for checking the back part of the car.

5. At the Point on the Front Cross member:

This will be used as a jack point for checking the front of the car and supports the car’s tank. This is used when you want to maintain the car for changing the oil of the car.

Precautions to be taken while Jacking Up the Car:

  1. The jack should be used for lifting the vehicle and never for supporting the vehicle.
  2. The jack stand should be used for supporting the car while working under the vehicle.
  3. You should block the wheels before jacking the vehicle.
  4. The tires should not be changed in between the freeways or highways.
  5. The car should be parked on a leveled ground before jacking it.
  6. The parking brakes must be engaged before jacking up the vehicle.

For a Better Explanation of how to identify jack points on a car watch the Video:

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Here we have discussed all the basic knowledge on how to identify jack points on a car. This will help you to change your tire and do some repair work in case of emergency. If you found this piece of information useful then don’t forget to like and share it.


1. Will it be safe to work under a vehicle on jack stands?

Firstly, you need to shake the vehicle slightly to ensure safety. Then you need to ensure that all the jack stands are on the leveled ground so that the car does not collapse. These steps will ensure that it is safe to work underneath the vehicle supported using the jack stands.

2. Where to put jack stands under the car?

The function of the jack is to lift the car off the ground and the function of the jack stand is to support the car. We need to place the jack stand at a point close to the jack, underneath a safe area in the frame of the vehicle. When we are lifting both the front wheels or both the rear wheels, we need to place the jack stands at either side of the jack which will be near the wheels.

3. Can you put jack stands on the axle?

Yes, we can put the jack stands on the axle as it helps to lift it higher than when we place it beneath the frame. We should ensure that the jack stands are stronger and we have a solid base.

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